A Thousand Swords

Black Dragon's Log, Kiris Dahn

Week One

We set off from Treona’s tower this morning by horse. I named my horse Britches. Zena and I talked a bit about where we were from. She already knows that I’m from Goath’m City, and I asked what brought her down from the higher planes. She said that she’d never been to another plane, that her people migrated thousands of years ago to escape something called the Ithlids, who had enslaved them. Next chance I have to write to Bruce, I’ll mention he should look into these creatures. Travel seems less tedious with companions, even if Heskan doesn’t say much and most of Zena and Gabrielle’s chatter is between each other.

We came across a camp of Goblin soldiers at dusk. They had seriously injuries and had survived the attack of some fearsome monster made of bone and consuming their bones to add to itself. My first thought was some sort of bone golem. Need more information, but Goblins could not give it—I used past perfect tense there for a reason. Those that came out of the fight the least worse for wear were killed by my companions. I left one alive to interrogate, but accidentally killed him trying to staunch his bleeding. There were several other goblins wounded before we arrived.

Heskan interrogated them and we got some useful info. The city Kiris Dahn, the goblins call it Gorizbadd, a sentiment I agree with considering I got covered in it earlier. Their leader is a hobgoblin called Huge Att. Judging by the way they spoke of him, it sounds more like a huge ass, even by Baneite standards. One other thing: the reason the Goblin party we encountered was out in the wilderness to begin with. They were sent to deal with a group of orcs by Huge Att, but he didn’t tell them any more than that. It sounds like we’re going to be dealing with more than Goblins and Kobolds.

We healed the wounded goblins as best we could, tossed them in their own wagon, and hitched it to Zena’s horse Argo for delivery to Treona. Hopefully she’ll lock them up before Kiris Alkirk finds out and has them executed. We traveled the rest of the day. Nothing of note happened.

We did not run into any trouble and made good time. We should be at Gorizbadd early tomorrow.

We arrived on the outskirts of Kiris Dahn this morning and hid our horses in a copse of trees outside of town. Argo caught up with us while Zena was scouting the area. We decided to try and enter in the broad farm-land west of town, but got turned around after crossing the river. We made our way through the slums. There was a Kobold with metal dogs that helped us, and led us to the library where a local goblin sorc was ripping up graphic novels and spellbooks to fuel his magic. Zena and Gabrielle took him down hard. I discovered that slings are usless, but felt better after I nearly destroyed a grey ooze with one punch. We’ve found some clues. There may be a brass dragon in town, which seems like a strange thing to be uncertain of. Our next stop is a temple next door. Hopefully we’ll learn more there.



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