A Thousand Swords

Black Dragon's Log, Kiris Dahn 2

Pit stop

Sunday cont.

We searched the temple district, and did not find the Slaying Stone.Instead we found a man named Kiris Hoyt, a relative of Alkirk. Apparently he was left behind eight years ago when the former regime was thrown out by the goblins and had been surviving and hiding ever since. His description of his cousin does not make me any easier about our assigned task. It occurred to me earlier that if the brass dragon we’ve learned of is fully grown, then it may be able to take human form—and in that case could be anybody, even someone we’ve already met. Treona, perhaps? Alkirk himself?

Goblins came while we questioned Hoyt. We had them under control, but Hoyt grew agitated from fear and transformed into a wererat. While I was holding him. It was unpleasant. We took the goblins down and then beat Hoyt unconscious. More goblins were coming, but the Kobold from earlier today helped us escape and led us to Kobold Town with Hoyt and a Goblin hostage. We spoke to Hoyt some more and learned that he could not live long outside the temple, and that while he did not know what had cursed him, he believed Treona was involved. He died then.

The goblin, Jakzen, told us little we didn’t already know. They had not come for us but for Hoyt in revenge for his killing goblins. He reinforced our impression that the Huge Att does not want the rest of his minions to know about the Severed Eye orcs or the slaying stone. Zena killed Jakzen quickly to prevent the kobolds from flaying him alive. We also learned from Jakzen that the goblins had never ventured near the hot-spring in the north. I was pleased to hear this. Less pleased when the kobold mayor said a brass dragon might hide in the hot springs. They like heat, and it’s not a place the goblins would look for them.

We began working out a plan of attack with the mayor of Kobold Town. I felt unable to help, so I went and slept in a shack.


We left early in the morning with Speelock guiding us towards our destination. No sign of the slaying stone in the market. We proceded towards our destination, when I heard a scream of agony. I ran to its location and discovered a broken old inn where an Orc of the Severed Eye was going berserk on some kobolds. She spotted us and threw something at Gabrielle, so we hit back. I had intended to leave her bound inside a sinkhole that was swallowing the Inn. Death is too merciful for people like her; she needed to feel helpless like the kobolds she used for sport. I didn’t get the chance because Sir Heskan killed her. I hope her hell is a hospital bed and a decrepit body.

After we buried the orc, we fled to an abndoned house while Speelock returned to Kobold Town to coordinate with the mayor. Zena and I talked a moment ago about killing. She’s so logical pragmatic about it, but she can’t See like I do. It worries me that I don’t find myself more upset by it, but the normal rules I operate under don’t apply in this place, where there is no law but that of strength. There is no jail but the grave.

Well. Probably a jail somewhere, but I’m sure the goblins control it.



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