A Thousand Swords

Cassandra's Letter

Dear Stephanie

I’ll assume that Bruce has updated you on the situation in the southern lands, and I’ve learned of the war that broke out. The truth is neither side has the Malefactor because I met the man who bears it. These are dangerous times, and I’m torn between wanting you here and wanting you to stay far away. Your optimism comforts me, but the villain my companions and I confronted at Kiris Dahn is both dangerous and erratic. I felt that he could have defeated the four of us without even drawing the weapon.

Please keep an eye on Damian. He’ll want to get involved and will end up dying. This is a war for the adults. I’m on my way to Hammerfast, the dwarven city of the dead, and I have a sensation, a strange excitement. You once said you thought I had a death wish. If that’s the case, it’s only because I’m confident that even death can’t keep me down forever. Whether they resurrect me or if I return as a ghost to haunt your ass, we will always be the best of friends. Give my regards to everyone in Goath’m, especially Alfred, for teaching me how to write letters home.

Your friend



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