A Thousand Swords

Quest Log 3

Active Quests

The Slaying Stone: A dangerous magical artifact, once part of a set of nine, the Slaying Stone can supposedly kill anything it is used on within reason, and perhaps some things that stray outside reason. Lost in the ruined town of Kiris Dahn, its black magics have begun to decay, emitting an aura that could be detected and traced, something that has already drawn an interested, malevolent force in the form of the Severed Eyes orc band. Locate the Slaying Stone and return it to Treona so it can be disposed of. Some things are better left lost and forgotten.

Aid The Kobolds: The poorly treated kobolds of Gorizbadd have had enough of the abuse heaped upon them by the goblins: they have requested of you to aid them. Having discovered what happened to their fellows who had recently gone scavenging in the market (killed by Severed Eyes member Krayt), their other request remains undone: defeat/kill Hu-Jat, hobgoblin leader of the goblin hordes of Gorizbadd.

Completed Quests

Lost Tomes: Treona tasked you to recover several books she was forced to leave behind when she fled Kiris Dahn. Fortunately, they were all located in Kiris Dahn’s destroyed library.



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