A Thousand Swords

Quest Log 4

Active Quests

Hammerfast: Treona’s mentor, Xaiv, has asked you to go to this Dwarven necropolis, though his exact reasons for doing so remain unclear: besides researching on whatever the heck Vae Victus was and his other issues (see below), he seems to think that something important that’s tied to the next leg of your journey will happen there. Being a powerful, aged magician, he might be on to something. What Xaiv DOES know…

Dreus: One of Treona’s peers who has fallen to evil, and she who sent the Severed Eye orcs to Kiris Dahn in an attempt to find the Slaying Stone. This failure will not dissuade her: there are other evil weapons, other crafted items of the Architects of Victory, and she will likely not be pleased with those who would interfere with her desires. Xaiv has asked you to stop her; even if you do not feel the urgent urge to, odds are she will seek you out, sooner or later.

The Man In Black: Vae Victus was the outside context problem to end all outside context problems. Having destroyed Kiris Dahn, embedded a strange metal mass in Zena’s neck, caused another necklace to bond itself to Cassandra, and having literally sent shockwaves through the world and back through time itself trying to enter this plane of existence, odds are you have been privy to the start of something very big and very bad. Considering that, upon returning to Treona’s Tower, you learned that the great empires of Crown Trail and Vurnir have allowed several generations of simmering tensions to erupt into outright war, and that each side claims that they have the ancient, legendary cursed blade Malefactor, It’s best that you learn what you can, if you can. Knowledge is power, and you’ll need all the power you can get.

Strange Dreams: You’ve all had them. What do they mean? How much is literal and how much distorted via the nature of the dream medium? All you know is its likely they have a tie to Vae Victus. Understand them, if you can.

Completed Quests

The Slaying Stone: You succeeded in locating and returning the Slaying Stone to Treona, who has destroyed it before your eyes in a ritual.
Aid the Kobolds: You succeeded in discovering the fate of the scavenging kobolds (and avenging them) and killing Hu-Jat, allowing the kobolds to launch an attack against the goblins. Sadly, this proved meaningless, as the arrival of Vae Victus annihilated the town and virtually all its occupants.
Lost Tomes: You have returned Treona’s lost books to her. They are, perhaps, the last remnants of Kiris Dahn.



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