A Thousand Swords

Quest Log 6

Active Quests

The Iron Circle: With the empires of Crown Point and Vurnir locked in newly-erupted war, some have taken advantage: the criminal group slash small army known as the Iron Circle is one, having seized control of the barony of Harkenwold and begun bleeding it dry. Whether the people of Harkenvold needs heroes or just someone to serve as the end point of a spear is unknown, but you had best find out, because part of it involves…

Dreus: Treona’s former peer, who sent the Severed Eye orcs to Kiris Dahn to find the Slaying Stone, has been located in Harkenwold as a member of the Iron Circle. Based on her behavior and how she revealed herself, it seems she is outfitted the general thugs and sellswords with unusual magical weaponry, as well as toting around some herself. What her exact motivations are are not yet known, but she knows you are here. The rest has not been revealed.

Nazin Redthorn: A former underling of Zena who’s made good, or in this case, very bad. Nazin is the leader of the Iron Circle: Dreus may very well answer to him, and it was said he recently got a new right hand man who wore something unusual on his face. The head of the snake will not easily show its neck though…

Completed Quests

Dreus: You found her. Now the real issue begins…
Hammerfast: Your journey to Hammerfast took you deep beneath the earth, through abandoned minds and forgotten tombs, to rescue a new ally. While the issues of Hammerfast have forced you to leave, odds are you will not stay gone.
The Slaying Stone: You succeeded in locating and returning the Slaying Stone to Treona, who has destroyed it before your eyes in a ritual.
Aid the Kobolds: You succeeded in discovering the fate of the scavenging kobolds (and avenging them) and killing Hu-Jat, allowing the kobolds to launch an attack against the goblins. Sadly, this proved meaningless, as the arrival of Vae Victus annihilated the town and virtually all its occupants.
Lost Tomes: You have returned Treona’s lost books to her. They are, perhaps, the last remnants of Kiris Dahn.



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