Slaying Stone


At its pinnacle, the town of Kiris Dahn’s wealth and prosperity made it the target of other nearby settlements and thieves. Somewhat isolated from the great empires of the world and unable to place themselves under their protective banner, the then-ruler of Kiris Dahn sought out tiefling weaponsmiths known as the Architects of Victory, who were experts at deadly magic passed down from the last days of Bael Turath. For a hefty price, they created a set of magic weapons capable of slaying Kiris Dahn’s enemies. They placed a limit on the weapons, though, to ensure that they would be used for their stated purpose and couldn’t be used against the tieflings: The items worked only in and near the town of Kiris Dahn.

Many decades have passed since the creation of the Slaying Stones. The rulers of Kiris Dahn originally commissioned nine stones (though Kiris Alkirk and his parents believed there were only eight). Seven of these were used to slay leaders of various invading forces, and one was stolen by a courtier and used in an aborted attempt at a coup. Believing all the stones used, Alkirk and the people of Kiris Dahn were forced to flee from an attack carried out by a large force of goblins, leaving the final Stone lost in Kiris Dahn until uncovered by Treona’s efforts. The magician discovered the dark magic of the Stone was beginning to ‘leak’, expanding its effective range and, more important, potentially catching the eye of worse forces than goblins. Possessing a ritual that can destroy the stone, Treona and Alkirk now desire to do so as the possible first step to regain their town, and also to keep dark, forgotten magic from falling into the wrong hands. While only Treona and Alkirk possess this ritual, though, there is another way to destroy a Stone.

Use it.


Slaying Stone

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