A Thousand Swords

Quest Log 1

The Slaying Stone: A dangerous magical artifact, once part of a set of nine, the Slaying Stone can supposedly kill anything it is used on within reason, and perhaps some things that stray outside reason. Lost in the ruined town of Kiris Dahn, its black magics have begun to decay, emitting an aura that could be detected and traced. Locate the Slaying Stone and return it to Treona so it can be disposed of. Some things are better left lost and forgotten.

Lost Tombs: The goblins who overran Kiris Dahn forced Treona to leave behind several books she wishes to recover, if possible. Locate these books.

1) Eldrick’s Draconian Lore
2) Astos’ Mettulurgy Guide
3) Crono’s Assesssment On Chronological Phenomena
4) Shepard’s Guide To Sapient Assessment and Interaction
5) Legendary Heroes and Weapons of Ages Past

Black Dragon's Log
The mysterious note.

The mysterious note I received at my apartment has led me, after three days of travel, to the home of a Sorceress named Treona. She was the one who sent me the note. She and her associate Kiris want to hire me to retrieve a powerful weapon of mass destruction called the Slaying Stone from a town called Kiris Dahn, which has been overrun by goblins for the past eight years.

Kiris troubles me. He underestimates goblins in general, and though the monsters that overran his home town are undoubtedly evil, to assume that they’re also stupid would be unwise. What’s more, their behavior makes me fear Bane’s involvement. The war god once broke Ba’htmein’s back and seeks to break the world in two with unending war.

I’m far more afraid of the tendrils of Bane than the goblins themselves. Should a fanatic find a foothold, millions will be at risk.

In happier news, I met some companions today on the bridge that led to Treona’s tower. Zena, a strange half-goblin/half-elf creature from a higher plane of existence. She is very good with a sword. Gabrielle, a human woman and a bard. She reminds me of Stephanie. I think she and Zena are romantically involved.

The last is a man that called himself Sir Heskon, named after the Exarch of Bahamut. He is a cavalier, but for some reason doesn’t seem to actually have a horse. It rained hard, so we all tried to find shelter together. Some wolves tried to kill us, but they were malnourished and did not put up much of a fight.

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