Harkenwold is a small barony in the southeast reach of the Nentir Vale. Several tiny hamlets and a number of steadings (isolated farms) are scattered across the broad dale of the White River. The great Harken Forest surrounds the realm, isolating it from the lands nearby. In better times. this quiet backwater contently avoided major trouble, and when the occasional trouble came, the nearby Crown Trail empire would swiftly attend to it.

Crown Trail has no more time for Harkenwold: the war with Vurnir has seen to that. Left alone, Iron Circle mercenaries have begun plundering the land. Baron Stockmer, the rightful lord, is a prisoner in his own keep, and a villainous lord named Nazin Redthorn rules in his place. The Harkenwold folk are down to their last hope-that brave heroes will answer their calls for help and break the Iron Circle.

Places of Interest

Ilyana’s Homestead: The wife of a farmer and mother to two sons, Ilyana lost her husband Karthen to the Iron Circle, and had the party not come along at the right time, she and her children may well have joined them. Hardened and angry, but not a liar, Ilyana has given two possible places to start: the village of Albridge, or the grove of the druid Reithann.

Albridge: The second-largest village in Harkenwold, Albridge stands where the King’s Road crosses the White River. The (secret) center of resistance to Iron Circle rule, the rebel leader in Albridge is Dar Gremath, a retired adventurer.

Druid Grove: To the northwest of Albridge stands a large grove of ancient trees, long sundered from the Harken Forest proper. Locals call this place Druid Grove. A stone menhir stands in the clearing at the center of the grove. Reinthann the druid lives here, with her apprentices: Harkenwolders who venerate primal spirits come to this verdant place seeking her advice. Iron Circle marauders avoid the grove, fearing the wrath of spirits.

Marl: Once a prosperous thorp surrounded by well-tilled fields, Marl has suffered heavily under the Iron Circle. Nazin Redthorn ordered it burned as a warning to the other Villages. It is said that a few hardy people have not yet abandoned this place, but what use they could be is unknown, if any.

Harken Village: Referred to as Harken by the locals, this Village is the largest settlement in Harkenwold. Nazin Redthorn governs Harkenwold from Baron Stockmer’s castle, which he’s renamed Iron Keep. While Nazin has not banned travel through the village, it is the center of power of the Iron Circle, and anyone acting suspiciously or drawing attention risks drawing a very heavy and dangerous response…at the moment…

Dardun: Surrounded by apple orchards, grain fields, and vineyards, Dardun is known for mild white wines, cheeses, and (of course) apples. Dardun’s elder is a proud half-elf woman named Madera Lirr, the matron of an old family of orchardists and cider-makers. Dardun has been heavily oppressed by the Iron Circle. Reavers patrol the village streets and routinely tyrannize Dardun’s residents.

Easthill: A hamlet of shepherds and stonecutters, Easthill rests on the slopes of the Briar Hills. The stone used to build the crossing at Albridge was quarried from hills nearby. A human trader named Sarken Toldorff is the village elder, but he is thoroughly cowed by the Iron Circle marauders…

Tor’s Hold: Tor’s Hold is a group of steadings belonging to the seven children ofTor Hammerfist. Old Tor has been dead for many years now, and his offspring have each raised small clans of their own. The elder of Tor’s Hold is Bran Torsson, and while he would like to aid Harkenwold in its hour of need, he has his own problems…

Harken Forest: The Harken Forest is much denser than the light woodlands scattered across Harkenwold, with larger trees and thicker undergrowth. It is also more dangerous for travelers-large and hungry beasts such as drakes and dire wolves roam its shadows. It is possible, however, that there is more living here than dangerous threats…

Dal Nystiere: The eladrin settlement of Dal Nystiere fell to ruin centuries ago, destroyed by some unknown threat, and the Harken Forest has all but swallowed up its remains. A place to avoid…perhaps…


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